Americans Reveal the 10 Best States to Call Home

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Where is the best state to live? With 50 different states to choose from, the choice is overwhelming. A recent online forum allows Americans to promote their territory as a viable living place. Here is what they had to say about their home states.

1. Maine

Portland, Maine, USA downtown skyline.
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With a quality of life ranked highest in the nation, there is no wonder Mainers are so proud of their leafy state. Moreover, with a relatively lower cost of living and crime rates than neighboring states, Maine maintains its reputation as a wholesome place. Be prepared for snow — and a healthy amount of snowboarding, hunting, fishing, hiking, and boats.

2. Northern California

Golden Gate, San Francisco, California, USA.
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We jump from the Northeastern seaboard to the Southwestern coast and the golden sands of California. Of course, most of the world wanted to live in California at some point, and if you can afford to, many people recommend NorCal over SoCal — redwoods, mountains, oceans, deserts, and lots of great wine.

3. Virginia

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA downtown from above at dusk.
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Being a purple state comes with perks for anyone living there, and Virginia remains as such. Nothing is worse than living in an ardently blue or red state if you have no political leanings. Furthermore, Virginians can choose to go fully urban or remote, with oceans at one end and mountains at the other. Importantly, the cost of living in Virginia is close to the US median rate.

4. Michigan

Tunnel of trees in autumn time along scenic byway M41 in Keweenaw peninsula in Michigan upper peninsula
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Detroit and Flint aside, upstate Michigan is full of cheap land, national forests, and wonderful outdoor opportunities everywhere. Locals say the state doesn’t feel too big to navigate or too small, so you can’t escape. If you love your seasons, love camping and fishing, or just want to be left alone, Michigan could be a great home for you.

5. Oregon

View of Portland, Oregon overlooking the willamette river on a Fall Afternoon
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Although some people may be turned off by the political militancy seen on Portland’s streets late, the state has much to offer. Residents boast high minimum wage levels and manageable rents, with great outdoor spaces for families — did we mention nature? With beaches, mountains, deserts, forests, and wild rivers, outdoors Oregon residents will soon forget about any other issues.

6. North Carolina

Blue Ridge Parkway at fall
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If you watch almost any TV series or movie set in suburbia, the chances are it was shot in North Carolina’s Charlotte or Ralegh-Durham neighborhoods. However, NC has more than nice houses, beach condos, and golf courses. The Great Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Highway, and the Appalachian Trail provide inhabitants with endless weekend activities to complement their decent living standards.

7. Montana

Beautiful Landscape photography of Glacier National Park in Montana USA
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America’s saving grace is its size, and with states like Montana boasting more spare land than your average coastal state, fleeing to the interior can be financially liberating and spiritually fulfilling. Montanans like how their state is politically balanced, full of stunning lakes, mountains, and wild land. Glacier National Park alone would be a selling point for me — the place looks incredible.

8. Colorado

Fall in Colorado Mountains
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The Centennial State never fails to attract fans. Its other nickname, “The Colorful State,” is apt for a land of notable contrasts. One-third of Colorado sits in the Great Plains, then the Rockies appear suddenly on the horizon, adding to Colorado’s dramatic topography and land types. Being south means Coloradans receive lots of sunshine in a mountain state, so sunbirds and snowbirds alike will love it.

9. Hawaii

Skyline of Honolulu, Hawaii and the surrounding area including the hotels and buildings on Waikiki Beach
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While America’s most far-flung territory is a tropical archipelago, it can be expensive due to shipping goods all that way. However, living in Hawaii requires free outdoor excursions and affordable oceanic fun, such as surfing or snorkeling. The islands are gorgeous, friendly, and warm all year, which will suit anyone looking to retire from a cold, snowy climate. Just beware of defective nuclear strike warning technology, and you will be fine.

10. Florida

South Beach, Miami Beach. Florida.
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People flock to Florida like seagulls when the cold air hits northern latitudes in November, which may turn some people off living there. However, if you can find a smaller town to enjoy, costs are lower, and people are friendly. Florida is famous for its rebellious governor, whose low regulation and personal freedom ethos is attractive to a growing number of Americans.

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