10 Foods ALDI Shoppers Say They’ll Never Buy Again

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ALDI is a popular grocery store with a huge cult following and a massive presence on various social media platforms. Despite its popularity, some customers refuse to purchase certain products sold by ALDI. Recently, fans of the grocery chain shared their least favorite ALDI items in an online forum. Here are 10 of the most popular responses.

Cosmic Brownies

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ALDI makes its version of the famous Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies. Some shoppers seem to detest them. One customer commented, “It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted,” while another said, “OMG, they were so bad I couldn’t even eat them.”

Aluminum Foil

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ALDI offers an aluminum foil that appears to disappoint many of its shoppers. One customer reported, “The aluminum foil is so flimsy, but I recommend the heavy-duty version.” Another shopper stated, “I will never purchase the regular foil again!”

Lunch Meat

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ALDI shoppers are pretty picky about their lunch meat, and some fans are disappointed with it. One customer even commented, “Why is it slimy?”

Crab Rangoon Dip

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Aldi fans seem to unanimously dislike the crab rangoon dip, with some saying they don’t even think it has crab in it. Another person commented, “I can’t figure out what the flavor is, but it’s definitely NOT crab rangoon.”


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Potatoes seem to be something you can’t mess up, but ALDI shoppers disagree and refuse to buy them again. One customer said, their potatoes grow eyes really quickly; they must be old.” another claimed, “My last bag of potatoes from ALDI went bad so quickly.”

Kosher Dill Pickles

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ALDI has refrigerated dill pickles and shelf-stable jarred pickles. Shoppers seem to dislike the refrigerated Kosher dills. One customer commented, “They are almost soggy and have low flavor. A rare miss, in my opinion.” Another person said, “I was hoping they’d be comparable to Grillo’s since they are in the same container, but they were hollow in the middle and without much flavor. Definitely a one-and-done.”

Alfredo Sauce

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Alfredo sauce is simple to make at home, so it seems difficult to make a bad one, but many ALDI fans don’t like their jarred version. One customer stated, “The Alfredo sauce tastes so much like plastic to me.” Another shopper said, “Truly the worst thing I’ve ever bought there.”

Frozen Cooked Shrimp

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Frozen-cooked shrimp can be hit or miss at all grocery stores. One shopper commented on ALDI’s frozen cooked shrimp, “The frozen raw shrimp is great, but the frozen cooked shrimp, when thawed, is like chewing on wet paper towels.” Another person in ALDI’s defense said, “It’s just the nature of frozen food. It’s always bad, in my opinion.”

Plastic Wrap

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People tend to be loyal to a particular brand regarding plastic and paper goods. In the case of ALDI’s plastic wrap, many customers have expressed disappointment and vowed never to purchase their plastic wrap again. One ALDI shopper stated, “It’s impossible to tear off a piece,” while another commented, “I won’t waste things, so I’m using it until it’s gone, but I get mad every time I take it out.”

Persian Cucumbers

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Some ALDI shoppers have reported that the produce section can be inconsistent in quality. Several ALDI fans say they won’t be purchasing the mini cucumbers again. One shopper commented, “They always get slimy so fast!” another stated, “Mine were moldy on the same day I brought them home.”

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