12 Fashion Trends That Should Disappear

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The fashion world is constantly changing, with trends that come and go every season. Some fashion trends have a longer lifespan, while others are short-lived. Here are 12 dreadful fashion fads that those surveyed can’t wait to see go away.

Huge Graphics on T-Shirts

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Minimalists like to keep their wardrobes simple and sweet. T-shirts with large, unappealing prints that may even contain provocative or senseless statements are a big no. I mean, what decent human being would wear a t-shirt that says ‘lady killer’ on the front? Printed tees can be cute and classy as long as the font is subtle and tiny.

Everything Cropped 

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Initially, this trend began with a few cropped t-shirts in the women’s section; honestly, we found them to be terribly cute. But now that brands have been cropping everything (mainly as a loophole to decrease manufacturing costs), from basic t-shirts to hoodies, it’s a bit over the top. And somehow, if you want a shirt that extends past the belly button, you have to pay double. Slightly absurd, isn’t it? 

Fast Fashion 

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This is one of those concepts that is great on paper but, realistically, a big fail. Fast fashion encourages people to buy cheaper products, which are often replicas of expensive clothes. Since the quality is lowered at a reduced price, people return to buy the same product and spend more money than intended. 

Puffy Sleeves 

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How often have you picked out a dress at a store and then been disappointed about the oversized puffy sleeves that you know will look hideous? These sleeves take away the sleek charm from outfits and even make one feel like the unwanted center of attention at a party. 

Denim Over Denim 

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90s artists and country musicians may have you convinced even today that denim-everything is the epitome of fashion. But trust us and discard this idea from your lives. We love our denim jeans and our denim jackets, but must we really wear them together? Always mix and match! 

Tiny Purses 

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Just because something is petite does not mean it is also cute. It’s time to ditch these dreadfully micro handbags and replace them with something more practical, like tote bags. Plus, it’s not as if you’re saving any money purchasing them, as they cost almost the same as regular ones.


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A decade ago, when comfort and style didn’t reside in one type of shoe, the hype of Crocs could be understood. But today, there are several options for footwear out there that are ergonomically efficient and classy in appearance, all at the same time. It’s time to bid farewell to them now.

Slides in Public 

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Roaming around in your own home with a pair of slides on is perfectly reasonable, but wearing these in public is an absolute atrocity. There is a fine line between casual and clumsy. 

Enormous Cat-Eye Shades

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Sunglasses are expensive, and they require careful consideration before making an investment. Always look out for something sleek and slim to buy instead of a large pair of shades that cover a big portion of your face. While these may work with rare outfits, they are a terrible option for your daily use.

Cold Shoulder Tops 

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Holes at the shoulders may have been adorable for a few seconds in the history of fashion, but these have become really outdated. Some women just do not like their shoulders exposed, and that’s okay. Popularly used for winter clothing, one may even ask who thought this style was in any way practical. Is it keeping anyone warm? 

Wolf Cut Hairstyle 

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When considering unflattering hairstyles, this comes to mind. Is it long, or is it short? Is there a fringe – who can even tell? Frankly, it does not appear neat for men or women and can mess with healthy hair and thin it out. 

Kylie Jenner Lips 

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A trend made more popular by Kylie Jenner has become a norm today. Most women and some men are spending large sums of money to make their lips puffier and swollen. The Cupid’s bow is slowly being eliminated. While such lips may be attractive, the uniqueness factor is slowly diminishing and will eventually vanish. This is why it’s time to move on from Kylie lips. 

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