14 Boomer Foods Millennials Think Are Weird

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Generational disagreements are common, and boomers have made some questionable decisions regarding food choices, according to millennials. As a result, many have cringed, laughed, and even detested some of these choices. In this article, we will explore 14 foods that were popular among baby boomers but are now frowned upon by many millennials.

1. Jell-O Salad 

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This journey of basically calling out the older generation begins with this absolute atrocity – a Jell-O Salad. Is it jello? Is it a salad? Or is it a sad attempt at making veggies more interesting? This assortment of fruits, vegetables, and occasionally even meat combined with the tanginess of jello can only be appreciated for its creativity. Otherwise, it’s just sad.

2. TV Dinners 

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These were frozen and pre-packaged meals. All you had to do was defrost and heat them and enjoy a variety of dishes, including steaks, eggs, and even mashed potatoes. Boomers can use their busy schedules to justify this unhealthy choice, but millennials can’t sympathize. Sure, they might be known for their workaholic natures, but they still treat their bodies like temples. 

3. Stuffed Celery 

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Boomers love cutting up some celery and filling it up with cream cheese or tuna salad. This might have been another attempt to ensure that their kids got all the greens that they needed. After all, their kids – the millennials, are some terribly picky individuals!

4. Meatloaf 

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Boomers are known for their love of comfort foods and often indulge in nostalgic meal times. Meatloaf is a popular dish among this generation, made with ground meat, bread crumbs and a variety of seasonings.

Millennials run away from it as it’s a little too meaty for them and does not always ensure transparency about the ingredients that have been added to it. And one thing they despise is secrets!

5. Fruitcakes 

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The variety of fruits humans have access to is undoubtedly a blessing for both – flavor and health. But one place fruit does not belong is inside cakes. Add chocolate to cakes or even vanilla, cream cheese, or lotus mix. But if you gotta make a millennial happy, keep the fruits out of it.

6. Cottage Cheese

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Every millennial has seen their parents preparing cottage cheese at home to obtain a protein-rich source of food. However, hardly any of them agree with their parents. Millennials do not appreciate the clumpy texture and the exceptionally mild flavor. Most are vegetarians and opt for plant-based milks and cheeses. 

7. Ambrosia 

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A boomer’s dinner table always had ambrosia accompanying a casserole. It, weirdly enough, combines canned fruits, marshmallows, and coconut, and to a boomer, it is a side dish, and a dessert rolled into one. On the other hand, to a millennial, it’s an abomination. 

8. Chicken Pot Pie 

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This retro dish consists of chicken, vegetables, cream, and cheese mixed together and surrounded by a crusty pastry shell. This weekly meal for boomers is a controversial dish for millennials, and the latter can not force their taste buds to accept it. Maybe with some modifications, it has the potential to make a comeback. 

9. Limburger Cheese

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Boomers see the true delectability behind the pungent aroma of this cheese. They appreciate its creaminess, while millennials would not even breathe while being in the same room as it. This is because millennials seem to prefer cheeses that do not smell. 

10. Watergate Salad 

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Hearing about a combination of pistachio pudding mix, pineapples, pecans, and marshmallows can make anyone cringe. Boomers created this dessert and were easily satisfied by it. However, millennials dug up a bottomless grave and threw memories of the recipe into it. 

11. Blue Cheese 

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As discussed before, millennials and smelly cheese do not go together. While boomers really respect blue cheese and pay hefty amounts to buy it, millennials treat it the same way as Limburger cheese and are ready to toss it from their lives. 

12. Aspics 

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To prepare this dish, boomers combined gelatin, vegetables, eggs, and meat. What they got was a jelly-like entrée which looked and tasted hideously dreadful. Millennials will always hate boomers’ love for jello and jello-like foodstuffs. 

13. Tuna Casserole 

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Tuna is hardly ever appealing on its own. Now imagine it combined with noodles and canned soup and then baked. Millennials quickly reject it without even giving it a try because why would they?! 

14. Kraft Mac and Cheese 

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Remember that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S in which Steve (played by Jon Lovitz) picks out a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese from Monica’s shelf? That is how popular this ready-to-make delicacy was at the time! Boomers ignored the artificial coloring and processed nature of foods, as long as they could prepare the food as fast as possible. 

Millennials, however, could never. All they see is the terribly orange color of the dish and refuse to consume it themselves – let alone feed it to their kids!

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