14 Thoughtful Gifts That Cost Little to No Money

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In today’s economy, many people are concerned about their bank account balances. Gift-giving can be a daunting task, especially when finances are tight. To help with this, we have put together a list of 14 low-cost or free gift ideas that won’t blow your budget!

Digital Art 

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This may need you to bring out your inner Picasso, who is also good at computers but don’t worry, several websites like Canva will make this task easier. Re-create a memory using art and make it bright and colorful to show your loved one just how giddy they make you feel. 

A Coupon Booklet 

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Buy a single customizable tiny booklet and write out a bunch of coupons on its several pages. These coupons can be redeemable for hugs, kisses, homemade hot chocolate, or even for washing dishes. Just think about your love languages and how you would like to express your adoration and begin!

A Jar of Love 

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Now, this might be the cutest gift of them all. Pick up a random jar from your kitchen, cut out paper hearts, and after writing one thing you love about the recipient of the gift, fold the hearts and fill up the jar with them. Your friend would have the most wholesome time reading all the heartfelt notes. 

Something for the Tummy 

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We are already well aware of the likes and dislikes of people we have an emotional connection with. So, skim your memory and figure out a recipe that you can prepare with the ingredients that are already present in your kitchen. Make the presentation fancy and don’t forget the secret ingredient: lots of love.

A Scavenger Hunt 

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Put out clues around the city and make your location the price. Your theme can be memories both of you shared, and the clues can lead to various buildings, restaurants, parks, or other locations the two of you have been to together. This will help both parties recall all the good times that were spent and refresh all the golden memories.

A Secret Recipe 

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If someone has been after you for ages to give them a secret family recipe that you have been hiding from all the evils in the world, it is time to use it as a gift. Jot it down in a beautiful font and tie it with a red ribbon. Voila! The perfect way of making a close friend happy without having to spend the money you might not have.  

A DIY Mug 

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Buying a new mug is relatively inexpensive as long as it’s plain and white. After you’ve made the purchase, use your artistic talents to draw some doodles on it and end with writing a phrase the recipient often uses. 

A Pair of Socks 

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Throw some surprise treats into the socks for a friend or family member. This can include chocolates they like, cards, or even minuscule figurines of any fictional characters they admire. If this idea isn’t for you, then a simple pair of humorous socks will also work really well. 

A Calendar of Memories 

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For each month of the following year, you can be responsible for a close one’s smile and inner warmth. Print out a calendar, and on it, paste a ‘picture of the month’, which will remind them of you whenever they check a date or jot down reminders. 

An Audiobook 

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This is a perfect gift for all book lovers out there. Record an entire audiobook in your voice and let them have a forever reminder of you. Whenever they are in need of comfort, all they have to do is press play! And if an entire book seems too hefty, you could also go with poetry that reminds you of them. 

Be Their Teacher 

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Maybe you know a language your friend always wanted to learn, or you can play an instrument, and they admire that. If they have directly or indirectly hinted at wanting to learn this specific skill, it is the right time to offer your services as a present. 

Love With Words 

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Sometimes, we all want to be told in a few words that someone out there really cares about us. So why wouldn’t a handwritten letter suffice? Pour out your heart and tell your cherished ones why you love them so much.

A Comic Book 

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If you have even the mildest artistic talent, sketch a personalized comic book for them. You and your friend could be heroes with a shared passion for saving the world. Don’t forget to add hilarious twists, though!

An Annotated Book 

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If love for books is a common factor between you and the recipient of the gift, pick out a book you have already read. Go through it again, and with colorful pens, underline all the sentences that remind you of them and add reflective notes. 

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