Can You Drink Coffee On Keto

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Great news for all coffee lovers who are on a keto journey! You can still enjoy your favorite cup of coffee while following a keto diet.

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The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb eating plan. The body enters a ketosis metabolic state by reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing fat consumption. During ketosis, the body relies on fat as its primary energy source, leading to weight loss and other benefits, such as improved insulin sensitivity, enhanced cognitive function, and increased ketone production.

Plain Black Coffee

If you’re following a keto diet, plain black coffee is your best friend. Coffee beans are naturally low in carbohydrates. Black coffee is an excellent option for keto dieters without added sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Bulletproof Coffee

One popular choice among keto enthusiasts is Bulletproof coffee, a keto-friendly coffee drink that boosts energy and helps you stay in ketosis. Combine black coffee with grass-fed butter or MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides) to make Bulletproof coffee. MCT oil is a type of healthy fat that the body can quickly convert into ketones, promoting fat burning and providing an energy boost. Grass-fed butter adds richness to the coffee and offers additional healthy fats.


Heavy cream, unsweetened coconut milk and almond milk are excellent alternatives to regular dairy milk if you prefer creamier coffee. Heavy cream is high in fat and low in carbs, making it a keto-friendly option to enhance the flavor of your morning coffee. Similarly, coconut milk is a great way to add a tropical twist to your brew while keeping your carb intake low.

Goodbye Sugar, Hello Sugar-Free Sweeteners

Traditional sweeteners like sugar are high in carbohydrates and should be avoided on a keto. However, you can use keto-friendly sweeteners like erythritol, monk fruit or stevia to add a touch of sweetness without spiking your blood sugar levels. Flavored sugar-free coffee sweeteners are also an excellent way to add flavor and sweetness while keeping your coffee zero carbs.

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Protein Powder and Collagen

Consider adding collagen and protein powder to your coffee. These two ingredients can provide numerous benefits for your health, such as enhancing the appearance of your skin, hair, and nails due to collagen’s structural protein and supporting joint health and gut function. Additionally, protein powder can aid in muscle repair and keep you feeling full for more extended periods. If you’re following a keto-friendly diet, select low-carb options without added sugars to reach your health and fitness objectives.

Iced Coffee

For those hot summer days or when you’re in the mood for a refreshing drink, iced coffee can be your go-to. Brew some strong black coffee, let it cool, and pour it over ice. You can add your preferred keto-friendly creamer or sweetener for extra flavor.

Decaf Coffee

For those who are sensitive to caffeine or wish to lessen their caffeine consumption, decaf coffee is an excellent option for those following a keto diet. It has minimal carbohydrates and won’t impact your ketosis status. Using recommended sugar-free alternatives, you can enjoy decaffeinated coffee just as much as regular coffee.

Keto Coffee On the Go

You can still enjoy keto-friendly coffee options when you’re out and about or visiting coffee shops. Be cautious at coffee shops, as they often use products that contain added sugars and high-carb syrups. Read this article to help you order low-carb at Starbucks and other coffee shops.

Energy Drinks

Some who don’t drink coffee drink energy drinks, but Be cautious with energy drinks, as some contain added sugars and high amounts of carbs. Always check the label for the number of grams of sugar and net carbs to ensure they fit within your daily carb limit.

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Coffee can be a valuable addition to your ketogenic diet when consumed in moderation and with the right ingredients. Plain black coffee and keto-friendly coffee creamers like heavy cream, unsweetened almond, and coconut milk are all great choices. Avoid high-carb sweeteners that may impact your insulin levels and hinder your progress. Cheers! Enjoy your coffee!


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