10 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

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In an online post, people discussed the characteristics of genuinely happy individuals. Some individuals are naturally chill and can maintain a positive mindset despite adversity or loss. In contrast, others may become easily angered over minor inconveniences, such as a latte that is two degrees too hot.

1. Gratitude Never Hurts

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Counting one’s blessings never hurts anyone, so understanding that life isn’t necessarily a chore can help the grumpiest people. It is all in the mindset: are you growth-oriented or pining for a different life? Sometimes, being thankful for having a 9-5 job in healthcare is all it takes to keep your eyes on the prize of life.

2. The Company We Keep

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A good analogy for being in a toxic workplace is the rotten fruit that slowly turns the other vibrant fruits with it. One narcissistic manager or supervisor can be enough to turn an otherwise pleasant workspace into a den of depression. Moreover, a badly-run company will suck the joy out of any workforce — keep searching for new horizons.

3. Work and Life Balance

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Far too many workers dedicate every ounce of energy to advancing their careers but sacrifice weekends, social events, and family meet-ups. When the boundary between life and work is blurred, purpose soon disappears. What’s the point of having a healthy career if your personal life is constantly on the back burner? Setting goals outside of work is essential to giving your life meaning, whether it is family, sport, or personal hobbies such as music.

4. Airplane Mode for the Win

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You must keep a firm eye on your device use if you want to reconnect with happiness, as our human instincts are not met with our little silicon friends. Spending one day a week away from the black mirror also equates to more family connections. Time spent with our loved ones makes us more lovable ourselves — love and happiness are usually never far away from each other.

5. Volunteer and Give Back

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Existing solely for yourself will slowly make life seem harder each day; why not think about others, too? Volunteering in some capacity benefits your local community and gives lone wolves a chance to find a pack. Furthermore, a simple weekly project like a food bank or tutoring less privileged students will enhance anybody’s thankfulness.

6. Outlets for Passion and Anger

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As an ex-international teacher, I have seen my share of bored, listless students — especially those living in high-rise Asian megacities. My recommendation to their parents was always to give their kids avenues for creativity, such as art or music, and access to team sports. For those high-energy students with boundless nervous energy, I told parents to invest in boxing or jiu-jitsu classes — outlets are crucial to well-being.

7. Walk, Don’t Drive

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Sedentary lifestyles are one of the biggest killers of people, whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically. Americans are especially guilty of driving, though it can be unavoidable if you live in the wrong city. However, a short music and phone-free daily stroll can help you recharge your mind, gather your thoughts, and breathe.

8. Your Financial House

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In Little Fockers, Greg Focker gets a special man-to-man legacy speech from his father-in-law, Jack Byrnes, who urges, “Get your financial house in order.” This ideal doesn’t mean you chase money whenever possible (though it can’t hurt, can it?), but being sure about where your money is going, your plans for the future, and enjoying the spare pocket money you have today. Thankfully, if you live in a country that pays you money for working hard, you are already halfway there.

9. Finding Your Passion

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For some people, the financial house is a moot point. Some people spend their entire lives living paycheck to paycheck, even throwing the occasional fiscal Hail Mary to keep their lifestyles going. You are the richest person alive if you have a roof over your head, people you love nearby, and a legacy of kindness behind you.

10. Discipline Equals Happiness

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Successful people don’t sit on their haunches, soaking it all in until they have achieved their goals; their appreciation is unlikely to last long. One trait wealthy people display is discipline in many facets of their lives. For instance, strict timekeeping, sleep, and diet may seem boring to some, but they will liberate more time, higher energy, and better health.

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