10 Trends That Sealed Gen X’s Love for Tech

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The Gen X generation experienced a unique and memorable journey in the world of technology. They witnessed the birth of innovative trends that have impacted their love for tech. From the introduction of walkmans to the early days of the internet, let’s take a nostalgic trip through 10 trends that shaped Gen X’s passion for all things tech.


A vintage boombox.
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Gen Xers cherished the boombox and mix tapes for more than their technical capabilities. Boomboxes allowed them to bring their favorite songs wherever they went. Creating mixtapes was their way of expressing their musical preferences and emotions.


Vintage computer keyboard.
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Early computers like the Commodore 64 were the playgrounds where Gen X’s tech journey began. These machines introduced them to the thrill of coding, gaming, and exploring a digital world that was still in its infancy.


Hands holding a vintage gaming Nintendo player.
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Gaming holds a special place in the hearts of Gen X, pioneers of arcade classics and early console adventures. From mastering the joystick in arcades to exploring pixelated worlds at home, gaming became a large part of their tech-savvy journey.

Cable TV

overhead view of a vintage television and remote control.
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Gen X grew up with cable TV and MTV, which changed how they watched TV and influenced their pop culture. Cable TV offered more programming options, including music videos, and made people feel more connected to the world beyond their local channels.


Man wearing 90's fashion, wearing a walkman and headphones.
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The Walkman was a musical game-changer for Gen X, adding personal style to their on-the-go tunes. With its portability and individuality, it transformed everyday moments into personalized soundtracks.


Vintage black pager and keychain and keyring.
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Early cell phones and pagers were the Gen Xer’s connection lifelines. Pagers buzzed with a sense of urgency, while those first cell phones marked a new era of communication, even if they were clunky by today’s standards.

Video Rental Stores

The front of a blockbuster video store.
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Video rental stores like Blockbuster were iconic destinations for Gen X, where choosing the weekend’s movie became a cherished ritual. Walking through the aisles, browsing covers, and anticipating movie nights created lasting memories for this generation.


A vintage bulky black camcorder.
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Bulky camcorders were Gen X’s time machines, capturing family moments in grainy charm. From birthdays to vacations, these devices preserved memories that still bring smiles today.


vintage arcade.
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Arcades held a special place in the hearts of Gen X, not just as game spots but as social hangouts where friendships and high scores were made. The rise of arcade popularity marked an era of camaraderie, competitive spirit, and unforgettable gaming experiences.

Dial-Up Internet

A generated image of a man jumping from an older vintage desktop computer into a newer laptop computer.
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Gen X vividly remembers the era of dial-up internet and the thrill of early chat rooms. Their introduction to the internet we know today was defined by the screeching sound of their modem and the excitement of connecting with new friends online.

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