Discover 10 of the Best Yoga Retreats in the World

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Going to your local studio is a great way to enhance your yoga practice and enjoy its benefits. But if you want to delve deeper into yoga and immerse yourself in a peaceful and positive environment, a world-renowned yoga retreat is the ideal location. Here are 10 of the best retreats worldwide, some of which you can volunteer your time and participate in for free!

1. Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat Sagasfeld

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This retreat is in Göhrde, Germany, at the Rundlingsdorf Sagasfeld village. This peaceful village is wholly focused on wellness and cultural connection. The retreat goes far beyond practicing poses, encouraging participants to practice cultural exchange and open themselves to new perspectives. You can volunteer as a bartender, housekeeper, gardener, cook, or handyperson to stay for free and participate.

2. Serene Light Gardens

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The Serene Light Gardens retreat is as tranquil and refreshing as it sounds. It’s located in Tenerife, Spain, and offers participants a chance to connect with nature and enrich their souls. With a nearby lush forest and pristine beach, it’s easy to get lost in the beauty of it all. However, the retreat is also beautifully grounding, allowing you to look inward and offer more to others.

3. Swasti Yoga Center

Swasti Yoga Center. Woman making a yoga pose on a pink yoga mat
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Of course, one of the best yoga retreats in the world can be found in India. There are a handful of locations throughout India, giving participants some options. This immersive experience will help you hone your understanding of and appreciation for yoga while bringing you closer to nature. It also focuses heavily on the local culture so that participants can learn local languages, cultural principles, cooking, and more.

4. Black Swan Temple

A woman in a warrior pose as she performs yoga as the waves crash on a beach in Maui, Hawaii.
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The Black Swan Temple combines a yoga sanctuary and a tropical eco-farm. This retreat is in Maui, Hawaii, meaning you can enjoy unparalleled ocean and forest views. Volunteers can clean and garden to earn their place, enjoying a variety of yoga practices and indulging in the amazing nature that surrounds the sanctuary. The retreat focuses on healing every part of yourself, others, and nature.

5. Now Yoga Begins

the girl sits in a lotus pose and meditates against the background of the ancient temple on Sri Lanka
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Now Yoga Begins is a brilliant place for both yoga students and instructors to connect with themselves and others. It’s located in Sri Lanka along the south shores, offering a cozy and communal vibe. The people at this retreat have an impressive wealth of knowledge concerning the internal and external practice of yoga, making it a wonderful place to take your connection with the limbs of yoga to the next level.

6. AlpenRetreat

Young man practicing yoga. He is stretching and feels relaxed at sunset in the Swiss Alps
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The AlpenRretreat is in Austria near the majestic Austrian Alps. It’s one of the best places to volunteer, as the tasks are relatively simple and easy. Volunteers can work reception or clean at the retreat in exchange for top-notch yoga classes and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s ideal for more active yogis, as many volunteers also swim, hike, or ski in the area.

7. Yoga Satsanga Ashram

Beckenham Place Park swimming lake, a popular place for wild swimming and SUP yoga classes
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The Yoga Satsanga Ashram retreat is one of the most beautiful places to immerse yourself in the world of yoga. It’s a family-run retreat in the United Kingdom with a relaxed but sincere vibe. The yoga classes are suitable for beginners or experienced yogis. You’ll live in the gorgeous family house and assist with basic tasks like cooking, cleaning, and babysitting.

8. Five Elements House

Girl sitting in yoga pose at the Pier at Rovinj, Croatia
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In Rovinj, Croatia, you can experience the Five Elements House retreat. This retreat is smaller than others on this list, offering an intimate and personalized experience. The hosts eagerly take the volunteers to explore the beautiful area and offer free meals. And the volunteer tasks are fun, as all you have to do is help them paint, decorate, and cook!

9. Freedom Center

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The Freedom Center in Sweden is a perfect yoga retreat for enthusiastic mountain lovers and sports enthusiasts. Their volunteers work on an array of projects, from building websites to tending to the garden. Its proximity to the mountains means the volunteers can indulge in mountain biking, skiing, hiking, swimming, and awe-inspiring views. And, of course, hone their yoga practice in a holistic community.

10. Nymboida Yoga Retreat

People do yoga in the early morning on a mountain top in New South Wales, Australia.
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New South Wales, Australia, is home to the Nymboida Yoga Retreat, an incredible place to center yourself and connect with like-minded folks. The retreat is deep in the wilderness near Coffs Harbor, giving everyone easy access to beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, and other natural wonders. It’s also ideal for vegans, as all the food made at the retreat is vegan.

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