11 Traits That Make People a Delight To Be Around

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Many people in the world possess a unique charm that makes them delightful to be around. What exactly sets these individuals apart? Why are we naturally drawn to specific people in social situations? These questions were recently explored as men and women engaged in an online discussion to uncover the essential traits that make a person a joy to be around.

1. They’re Comfortable With Who They Are

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Countless people argue that nothing is more important than being comfortable in your own skin. It has a trickle-down effect that also makes other people feel at ease! “I think it all boils down to them just being comfortable with who they are as a person,” reveals one woman. “How some people are able to do that, I don’t know. I suspect it starts with a stable childhood, supportive parents, and snowballs after that.”

2. They Don’t Complain

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The best people to be around are those who don’t complain. Is there anything worse than being around someone who constantly complains about everything? Some people don’t have the social skills to keep negative thoughts to themselves. Thankfully, many men and women know how to keep conversations flowing positively; these people are respected and well-liked by others.

3. The Right Amount of Eye Contact

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Having the right eye contact is something that you can’t explain, but you know it when you see it. Some people have perfected the right amount of eye contact: Not too much, not too little. Still, there is such a thing as too much eye contact, as one person details. “Eye contact is tricky,” laments one man. “There are specific friends I know not to make too much eye contact with because they get intimidated.”

4. They Can Admit Their Flaws

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Nobody’s perfect. Most people grasp this concept. However, many people in our lives refuse to believe they are flawed. Don’t get me started on my friends who think they’re perfect; they’re the same people nobody wants to spend time with because others see they live in a bubble that doesn’t reflect reality. On the other hand, people who can admit their flaws and learn from them are far more enjoyable to be around. It’s simple: Be honest with yourself and reap the benefits!

5. They’re Great at Conversation Ping-Pong

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Whether it’s a great first date or a heart-to-heart with a close friend, most people always remember the great conversations they’ve had. Unsurprisingly, being a great conversationalist is a hallmark of a person everyone wants to be around. One person puts it all into perspective. “They strike a fine balance of conversation ping-pong, sharing, asking questions, not bringing up anything inappropriate to the conversation but going into enough depth that makes the conversation interesting and thought-provoking,” one woman attests.

6. Being Respectful to Strangers

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Whether it’s your server, bartender, housekeeper, or valet driver (or anyone else providing a service), it’s imperative you treat that person with respect. Unfortunately, not all people subscribe to this method of common decency. Respecting strangers is a sign of a good heart and a good head on your shoulders! Naturally, people are drawn to anyone who is kind to people they don’t know.

7. They Are Playful

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There’s arguably nothing better than engaging in a back-and-forth with someone with extremely playful qualities. “I’m charmed by people who are funny and high energy,” admits one woman. “Not so much they’re running people over or bullying with the sheer force of enthusiasm, just fun and playful. In fact, now I’ve worded it like that, it really is playfulness. And not around you, but with you. People who make you feel like you’re both in on something, just a little bit.” Keep in mind there’s a thin line between playfulness and unwanted flirting!

8. They Aren’t Creeps to the Opposite Gender

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It’s astonishing how often people act creepy to the opposite gender (men, I’m specifically talking about you). One of the most important traits a person can have is speaking to someone of the opposite gender engagingly without coming off as flirty. Being labeled a hopeless flirt isn’t a good look; knowing how to talk to anyone regardless of gender is a trademark of a good person.

9. They Are Kind

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Kindness goes a long way in the eyes of many men and women, and it’s usually the most common trait shared by the people others love to be around. “The best people are ones who are kind and consider you and how their words affect you when they speak,” alleges one man. Think of all the best people you know; they surely have kindness in common!

10. They Keep a Faint Smile Throughout a Conversation

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Although there’s no scientific evidence to back this claim, nobody can deny that people who keep a smile throughout conversations have an unexplainable magnetism about them. Would you want to talk to someone who never smiles? Of course, you wouldn’t. A smile brings ease to conversations and interactions. If you want to be someone people crave to be around, I advise you to start smiling more.

11. It Depends on the Context

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Ultimately, people’s most charming traits can vary from situation to situation. The most delightful people to be around can adapt on the fly. “The charming qualities I seek when validating my emotions differ from those I appreciate at a work social or wedding event,” explains one woman. “Both are valuable, and the wise person will adapt their social qualities depending on this context in order to maximize their ability to connect with others in that particular moment. But it is really all about connecting.”

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