10 Habits Women Are Ditching as They Age

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What things do women outgrow as they age? Girls and women have different life experiences, leading to changing habits over time. In a recent online discussion, women shared what they have outgrown as they have aged. This conversation allowed them to express what no longer motivates them as they grow older, helping them to embrace new perspectives and enjoy the different stages of their lives.

1. Friends

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As puzzling as this may sound, some women just find maintaining friendships energy-sapping, so it can be common to reduce your friend circle as you age. As we grow old, our sense of patience lessens; all the while, we have our eyes on our dwindling time reserves. Low-maintenance acquaintances can be fun without being taxing, though it depends on your friends’ circle; choosing good friends will mitigate this scenario.

2. Outward Appearance

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When you hit a certain age, your need to stand out diminishes, say some women. Why bother trying hard to keep society happy, especially if you feel increasingly invisible? The most important thing is to surround yourself with friends and family who love you regardless of your looks — the opposite is just too tragic to consider.

3. What People Think

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We spend much of our days wondering what others think of us; some women base their lives on this ethos. When you reach a certain point in life, you must take stock of how people treat you — does it change that much when you care? Life becomes liberated once you realize you can survive without caring what people think.

4. Noise

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When we are younger, some of us want to be close to the action, if anything, to appease our rampant FOMO (fear of missing out). However, living close to the bright lights of a big city gets old once you do — we all reach a stage where peace, quiet, or the gentle sound of wind rustling leaves and birds singing will suffice.

5. Discomfort

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How many women spend their days trying to fit into something that doesn’t fit — especially shoes? So many older women recall trying to force their feet into treacherous stilettos, only for a few sideways glances and a heap of blisters — at some point, the balance between beauty and sacrifice is too much to take.

6. Other People’s Business

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A lifetime of listening to a friend’s lamentations or hang-ups can weigh on your soul, so at what point does it get too much? Whether it is gossiping about work colleagues or validating which underwear to buy, aren’t these conversations just a waste of time? You could be discussing ways to make the world better instead!

7. Stuff

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When you are younger, you don’t like throwing things out lest you need them one special day. Some ladies regret spendthrift days accumulating knick-knacks, accessories, and clothes just for the sake of it. With age comes a more minimalist approach to life — we can’t take it with us, so why buy anything we won’t use?

8. Makeup

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When you think about it, why did you wear all that makeup in the first place as a young lady? Was it for you, for your friends, or to attract boys? When many decades pass, do you need it anymore? If you love make-up for you, then by all means, wear it.

9. Jewelry

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Nothing makes a young lady smile more than shiny things, so jewelry is naturally a girl’s best friend in their early years. However, once you have children, you understand that the most beautiful treasure imaginable — plus, they love taking your jewelry. Several mothers reveal that babies’ roaming hands soon put an end to bothering with jewelry.

10. Alcohol

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Gone are the days when you could drink four margaritas and hit the gym the next morning; those hangovers just get worse as your body loses its ability to fight them. Moreover, early mornings and children outweigh any desire to kick back with your girls. Once you hit your forties, liquor loses its appeal—and fast.

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