Money Can’t Buy Happiness: 13 Secrets to True Joy

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My grandpa always said he was the richest man in the world. As he knew he only had a few days left to live, family and friends traveled from all over to say their final goodbyes. Despite being weak, you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. Although I already knew how much he loved us and how much family meant to him, I will never forget the moment when he looked around and said, ‘I’m the richest man in the world.’

Money can certainly make life easier and provide you with more options, but it’s important to understand that genuine happiness cannot be purchased with wealth. With that in mind, here’s a list of 13 things you can prioritize to bring more joy into your life.


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A great family is your built-in support system. They’re the ones who celebrate your wins, stand by you in tough times, and fill your life with love and shared memories. Prioritize quality time together.


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Not everyone has a supportive family or even a family at all. Genuine friends provide us happiness and support during good and bad times, creating a collection of shared memories and a sense of belonging that is hard to find elsewhere. Life is simply better when we are surrounded by our friends.

Good Health

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Good health is wealth. We often take it for granted until we don’t have it. Our health plays a vital role in our daily lives and is essential to function at our best. So, let’s cherish our good health and make conscious efforts to maintain it every day.

Giving Back

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It is often said that giving is better than receiving. Helping others is a heartwarming way to pay kindness forward. Not only does it positively impact someone else’s life, but it also adds a sense of purpose and fulfillment to your own.

Count Your Blessings

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Take a moment to count your blessings and name them one by one. This simple practice of gratitude encourages you to appreciate the good things in your life, whether you choose to write them down or not. Focusing on the positive can make each day a little brighter.

Embrace Simplicity

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Living a simpler and more intentional life involves appreciating the little things that often go unnoticed. By slowing down and reconnecting with nature, you can find joy in the quiet moments. This helps you realize that happiness can be found in the simplicity of everyday life.

Social Media Detox

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Social media can often be a toxic space. It’s important to take a break from it now and then. Doing so can help you clear your mind and allow for more authentic human interactions and meaningful experiences, improving your mental well-being and helping you stay present in the moment.

Work Balance

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It is vital to strike a balance between work and personal life. Doing so is essential for overall well-being as it allows for relaxation, quality time with loved ones, and pursuing personal interests, ultimately resulting in happiness.


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Engaging in hobbies, such as painting or reading, can bring joy, relaxation, and a sense of accomplishment, providing a break from routine and a chance to recharge.


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For many people, simplifying physical and mental spaces by decluttering brings a sense of order and calm. A clean and organized living space promotes a peaceful and focused mind, leading to a more productive daily life.

Quality Sleep

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Lack of sleep can negatively affect your health, mood, and productivity. Prioritizing quality sleep is a fundamental aspect of self-care. It rejuvenates the body and mind, ensuring the energy needed to tackle each day with a positive outlook.


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Faith in God is not limited by denomination. It is a personal belief that provides comfort and solace during difficult times. Our faith helps us lead a more purposeful life, brings us peace amid the turmoil of everyday life, and fills us with joy.


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Incorporating light exercise, such as a brisk walk, can provide a burst of endorphins and boost vitality. It’s a simple yet effective way to improve mood and contribute to overall physical well-being, leading to increased happiness.

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