10 Reasons We’re Craving the Golden Era of Print Magazines

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As a child, my love for reading was sparked by my grandmother’s collection of magazines, ranging from Reader’s Digest to Better Homes and Gardens. I looked forward to reading each one from cover to cover each month. In this digital age, it’s becoming increasingly harder to find magazines, and the ones that still exist aren’t the quality of old ones. They are thinner in physical size and content, yet they are hanging on by a thread for those of us who love magazines. These are the top 10 reasons why we miss the golden era of magazines.

Iconic Covers

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Magazines were known for their iconic covers that visually captured their time’s cultural and historical significance, serving as symbols of the era.

Introduction to Reading

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Magazines often played a pivotal role in introducing young readers to the world of reading and learning, serving as gateways to a love of literature.

Print Aesthetics

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The creative and artistic layouts in magazines added to their visual appeal, with carefully designed spreads, typography, and graphic elements contributing to the overall reading experience.

Tangible Experience

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Magazines offered a unique tactile experience, allowing readers to physically flip through the pages, touch the paper, and experience the weight of the publication, creating a sensory connection to the content.


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When waiting for the next issue or release date of something we enjoy, we may feel excited and eager for what’s to come. This feeling is similar to anticipating a sequel to our favorite book or album from a beloved artist.


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Magazines typically feature articles written by subject matter experts and journalists who share their knowledge and research on specific topics, providing readers with valuable insights and information.

Diverse Content

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Magazines cover a wide range of topics, from fashion and entertainment to politics and culture, offering readers a diverse spectrum of subjects to explore and enjoy.


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Some magazines are renowned for their innovative and artistic advertisements for brands, which were often considered as captivating as the articles themselves.


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Magazines are like a treasure for some people. Over time, some of them become so valuable that they are worth a lot of money and sentimental value. This makes people want to keep them safe and trade them with others who love them.

Less Distraction

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Reading a magazine provided a focused and uninterrupted experience without the constant notifications, pop-ups, and distractions of digital reading, allowing for deep engagement.

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