10 Women Reveal Bold Career Moves That Changed Their Lives

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Sometimes, the best moment in life is when you take control of your destiny and venture on a new career path. Whether quitting a job you hate or pursuing different professional goals within the job you already have, change is always welcomed! Women of all ages recently participated in an online discussion, sharing the best career moves they ever made.

1. Leaving a Teaching Career

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It’s surprising how many people leave teaching careers for greener pastures, but many educators cite a lack of respect for their profession as a reason for leaving. “I am leaving my teaching career to go into the medical field,” explains one former educator. “You are underpaid, undervalued, and just plain disrespected for all the effort you put into your students.” I know many teachers who have walked away from their professions in recent years.

2. Starting Over From Scratch

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Believe it or not, many women took the ultimate plunge and started their careers from scratch after years of grinding in the corporate world. These women are prime examples of how it’s possible to blaze your own path, even if it means moving to another city, country, or continent! Anyone unhappy with their current work situation must ask themselves: Would I be happier exploring opportunities elsewhere?

3. Became a Bartender

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One of the best-kept secrets in the world is how lucrative a career as a bartender is! One person learned firsthand. “I ditched my underpaid corporate job to work at an outdoor summer bar,” one woman reports. “I had the best time of my life, so I didn’t return to the corporate gig; I happily continued to bartend and make more money in tips. I’m way happier!” From flexible hours to more cash than you would think, bartending is an underrated way to make a living in 2023.

4. Letting Your Heart Lead the Way

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Countless people tell stories of following their significant other to other companies or areas of work. Although this plan may seem crazy to some, the fact that so many men and women swear by it tells you all you need to know about the power of love! Sometimes, following your heart and partnering with your significant other can yield impressive results, regardless of gender.

5. Following Your Science Dreams

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Sometimes, you have to answer the call when a better opportunity arises. The allure of a career in science is often too tempting to pass up! “Quitting my job in higher education administration in order to go back to school to study science was the best investment I’ve ever made,” admits one woman. “I’ve had amazing, challenging, and interesting jobs ever since, make around three times my old salary, and my career trajectory is far better than it was before.”

6. Quitting Law School

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Not many people are mentally or emotionally prepared for the pressure involved with pursuing becoming a lawyer. Long hours of studying, prepping, and in-class work can be too much for a person to handle! As a result, many women confess that leaving the world of practicing law for a less stressful and involved career was the best decision they ever made! I don’t blame them for it; being a lawyer is all-encompassing.

7. Speaking Up

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Countless women admit that speaking up against toxic coworkers or bosses was their best career move. One woman puts it all into perspective. “I held on to a job where I was being mentally abused by my boss,” she reveals. “I told the CEO when I realized I couldn’t take it anymore. My boss was fired immediately, and I began to thrive at the job for once.” Kudos to the CEO for making an immediate improvement in the eyes of his employees!

8. Never Stop Applying Yourself

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If you feel you’re at an impasse with your current job prospects, it’s critical to maintain hope that you’ll find the job you’ve always been looking for. Whether tirelessly applying to your dream jobs or contacting prospective employers on services like LinkedIn, hustling toward your goal will almost always lead to success! Many women believe they wouldn’t be where they are without a laser-like focus on getting their desired job.

9. Starting Your Own Business

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Betting on yourself is one of the scariest things to do in the business world, but for some women, it works out better than they could have ever imagined! “Starting my own business right out of graduate school at 26 years old was the best thing I ever did,” explains one woman. “It was a huge risk, but I knew I wanted to work for myself. Pursuing a corporate job felt like a bigger risk to me as I have a strong personality and desire for autonomy with a higher appetite for risk and failure than usual. It’s been ten years, and my business is phenomenal.”

10. Fighting Against Imposter Syndrome

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We’ve all been in a situation where we felt we couldn’t do the job we were hired to do. In many cases, people allow themselves to be defeated by imposter syndrome, and as a result, their careers languish. However, countless women fought through their fears and defeated imposter syndrome to varying degrees of success. Remember: You were hired for a reason; you are that talented!

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