Top 10 Perfect Places to Visit for a 2-Week Vacation Abroad

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Going on a two-week vacation requires some planning to make the most of your time. While some people enjoy spending 14 days relaxing on the beach, others, like myself, tend to get bored after a few days. If you’re traveling with children, it’s important to have a variety of activities planned to keep everyone entertained. A recent online post shared some great adventure getaways for a two-week vacation. In no particular order, these destinations are perfect for those looking for fun and adventure on their vacation.


View of Oia town in Santorini island in Greece -- Greek landscape
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Greece is best slightly off-season — mid-summer will see hordes of selfie-stick-waving tourists. Nevertheless, a solo traveler or small family will never tire of ferry-hopping between Greece’s dozens of stunning islands. Moreover, Greece’s famous heritage means visitors will enjoy many historical monuments and sites on the mainland to begin or end their odyssey — two weeks will not seem like enough time.


El Nido, Palawan, Philippines, traveler sitting on boat deck exploring the natural sights around El Nido on a sunny day.
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Like Greece, the Philippines is scattered across 7,641 islands, many of which are uninhabited. However, there are so many options to choose from, and all within a well-priced short-haul flight. Whether you want to see the surfers’ paradise of Siargao Island in the east or the bustling Manila or Cebu City, you will have fun. The world-class adventures of Palawan Island, with its famous Unesco El Nido or Puerto Princesa underground river network, would alone satisfy any traveler for two weeks.


Sunrise in Puerto de Santiago city, Tenerife, Canary island, Spain
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I first moved to Spain three years ago, and although I have traveled around the country, I have only scratched the surface. The land is divided into mini ecosystems and presents a diverse range of landscapes and cultural activities. With the Cantabrian and Pyrenees Mountains in the north, miles of Mediterranean and Atlantic coastline, and some of the most beautiful cities on Earth, two weeks won’t be enough to fit it all in. Moreover, the Balearic and Canary Islands offer even more adventure.


Himalayas. View from Gokyo Ri, 5360 meters up in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal, snow covered high peaks and lake not far from Everest.
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The coolest thing about Nepal is that you are never far from jaw-dropping trekking or picture-perfect photo opportunities. Most visitors will tell you a month is necessary, so filling two weeks with temple visits, hikes through steep-valley mountain passes, or adventure sports excursions is easy. The best time to visit is October to December, when the skies are clear enough to view the glorious Himalayas each day. I could spend two weeks just doing that.


Rows of Sunshades on Dai Beach, Vinpearl Resorts Area, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, a Popular Tourism Destination for Summer Vacation in Southeast Asia.
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Vietnam is a long, coastal country with beaches down one side and a spine of mountains to the west. Therefore, creating a fun-filled itinerary is simple and affordable, especially if traveling without kids. Many young travelers opt to ride motorbikes the entire length of the country, starting in Ha Giang Province on the Chinese border to the southern tip at Phu Quoc. Along the way, there is the world’s largest cave, some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in Asia, and miles of beaches.


Floating market in Thailand, people shopping, purchasing food.
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While two weeks will just scratch the surface, Thailand is an Asian nation ready for the hordes of adventure tourists who visit each year. There are dozens of stunning beaches and islands to enjoy in the south and Indian Ocean side. But Thailand’s joys come in all forms: cities brimming with Muay Thai fights, street food zones, and bustline floating markets. Thailand has a perfect blend of relaxation and chaos, a fitting yin-yang ethos so present in Asian countries.


Machu Picchu (Peru, Southa America), a UNESCO World Heritage Site
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Some countries might be fortunate to have at least one phenomenon, and Peru has two — Machu Picchu and the Unesco World Heritage Center of capital, Cusco. The exquisitely-preserved “Lost City of the Incas” in Machu Picchu is worth the journey alone, but a few days in Cusco will have any history lover in raptures. The 3,400-meter elevated capital of Peruvian Inca culture still has dozens of remarkable monuments, and well-preserved architecture.


Hiden beach in Brela with boats on emerald sea aerial view, Makarska riviera of Dalmatia, Croatia
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Like other coastal nations, Croatia has hundreds of islands and beaches framed by mountainous backdrops. Not only does Croatia offer beautiful medieval cities like Dubrovnik, but there are epic beaches and coves, nature reserves and forests, and a dream-like lake district national park. I once spent two weeks in Croatia kayaking, canyoning, and driving motorbikes to hilltop villages and beach towns — it was spectacular.


Anse Patates, La Digue Seychelles, a young couple of men and women on a tropical beach during a luxury vacation in Seychelles. Tropical beach Anse Patates, La Digue Seychelles
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While the Maldives look stunning on Instagram, in reality, you are forced to relax in your cabana or hotel suite on stilts (which doesn’t sound terrible). However, Africa’s Seychelles to the south has several islands accessible by car or bike, with adventure activities like scuba diving and rock climbing for braver wanderers. Otherwise, boats travel daily between most of the archipelago’s 115 turquoise water-surrounded islands, where travelers will discover some of the world’s best beaches.


Queensland, Australia. Whitehaven beach and Whitsundays from above
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Although you will struggle to see Australia in two weeks (it takes four days to travel end to end), it is hard to beat the variety of activities possible there. Most people rent a camper van and drive along the coast, stopping off en route and parking near the beach. Australian visitors are spoiled for choice, depending on the year. Whether it’s the Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, or Whitsunday Islands, there are reasons Australia is known as “Lucky Country.”

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