15 Ultimate HomeGoods Finds For Dogs and Cats

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HomeGoods has a great selection of affordable and high-quality pet supplies. Here are 15 of the best finds, including comfortable beds, fun toys, and tasty treats. Their prices are as reasonable as, or better than, those at traditional pet stores. HomeGoods is the place to go whether you’re looking for a cozy retreat for your pet or some entertaining toys. You don’t have to overspend much to give your furry friend the best.

Elevated Pet Bowls

Pet food and water bowl combos at homegoods
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Elevated bowls are fantastic for pets as they provide a comfy dining experience and can help reduce neck strain. They come in different sizes and materials, making them perfect for cats and dogs.

Dog Toys

Pet toys at homegoods.
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From squeaky toys to plushies, HomeGoods offers an array of toys that keep dogs entertained and active. Look out for sturdy options that withstand chewing and tug-of-war play.


Pet sweaters at home goods.
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Cozy sweaters aren’t just for humans—pets can stay warm and stylish, too! Find adorable knits in various sizes to keep furry friends snug during chilly days.


Pet beds at homegoods.
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Pet beds at HomeGoods come in all shapes and sizes, from fluffy pillows to snug caves. These cozy spots provide pets with a comfy place to rest and nap.

Cat Toys

cat supplies at home goods.
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Balls and interactive toys abound at HomeGoods, perfect for entertaining and engaging curious cats.

Pet Wipes

Pet wipes at home goods.
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For quick clean-ups, pet wipes available at HomeGoods are gentle on fur and skin, helping keep pets fresh between baths.

Christmas Gifts

Pet toys and ropes at homegoods.
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HomeGoods has a variety of Christmas-themed toys for your pets to enjoy on Christmas Day.


Dog leashes and collars at Homegoods.
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HomeGoods features an assortment of leashes in several lengths and styles, from vibrant patterns to classic designs. These sturdy and reliable leashes ensure safe and enjoyable walks.

Pet Carriers

Pet carrier bags at Homegoods.
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HomeGoods has got you covered if you’re planning a furry friend trip! They offer super comfy and secure carriers to make your journey a breeze.

Food Storage

Dog food storage containers at homegoods.
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Keep pet food fresh and organized with airtight containers in different sizes for various food quantities.

Waste Bags

disposable dog bags at Homegoods.
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Environmentally-friendly waste bags make clean-up after pets easier and more eco-conscious.

Cat Scratchers

cat scratch pads at Homegoods.
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Protect furniture and fulfill a cat’s scratching needs with scratchers in different shapes and materials.

Dog Chews

Dog treats and chews at Homegoods.
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HomeGoods has digestible chew bones, safer and more satisfying alternatives to rawhide, available in various flavors and textures.


Pet tug ropes at Homegoods.
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Durable ropes are perfect for games of tug-of-war or interactive play sessions, promoting exercise and bonding.

Pet Bowls

Dog bowls at Homegoods.
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HomeGoods has a variety of bowls—ceramic, stainless steel, and more—that are easy to clean and perfect for mealtime.

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