13 Surprising Food Crimes You Didn’t Realize You Were Guilty Of

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Food is truly an art form, but there’s also a science to it. Sure, it’s all about appearances and making your taste buds dance, but there are some important rules to follow. And let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of breaking a culinary rule or two. Let’s explore some examples from an online community forum.

Tabasco Everywhere 

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While this condiment was most definitely advertised for all types of foods, it is not fair to add it to every cuisine. Food has its own flavor, and if your eggs, potatoes, pizza, and veggies are drowned in such a robust sauce, nothing will ever retain its uniqueness.

Ketchup and Pasta  

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Friendly reminder: Ketchup is not a synonym for tomato sauce. While the latter allows the pasta to have its own identity, the former turns it into a sweet, gooey mess. 

Boiled Vegetables 

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Since a quarter of your plate must hold veggies, humans have devised several ways to cook them – roasting, grilling, sauteing, steaming, and even boiling. However, boiling eliminates the crunch of vegetables and makes them all soggy and soft. So, kindly adopt better ways. Who knows, your kids might start liking them.

Milk Before Cereal 

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Sure, this might be how you begin your mornings, but it is our sole duty to inform you that you’re doing it wrong. Milk is meant to complement your cereal, not overwhelm it. What is supposed to be crunchy will now be swampy. 

Mayonnaise Over Pineapple 

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For the love of God, please stop. Mayo is for your french fries and sandwiches, mixing it with fruits is an atrocity. The creaminess and thickness of this sauce do not go well with the juicy and fibrous texture of a pineapple. 

Lack of Seasoning 

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Spices and herbs are the actual reason behind the tastefulness of meat and vegetables. A moderate quantity of these must be added to each and every dish. If you cook chicken and beef without even a pinch of salt, you should receive an award for enjoying the blandest food on Earth. Have mercy on your poor taste buds.

Tall Burgers 

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A burger consists of two buns, a patty, vegetables, and sauces; all of these should enter the mouth with each bite. Tall burgers are a crime because their components keep falling out. Moral of the story: Make your burgers wider, not taller. 


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This is not only a hazard to your cholesterol levels and blood pressure but also dangerous for mankind as a whole. Salt is a blessing in moderation, but in excess, it can make anyone physically cringe. 

Broken-up Spaghetti 

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Yes, the flavors stay the same, and your pasta no longer sticks out of the pan, but respecting culture is also necessary. Spaghetti is long, so it can bunch up around a fork and have the thick pasta sauce sticking to it entirely. So, no! Don’t break up your Spaghetti. Instead, be graceful and make use of short pasta.

Order of Spices 

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The dried-out herbs are extremely dominating, and the best method to allow their authentic flavors to bloom is by adding them to a dish at the start of the cooking process. If these are added later, the harshness of the seasoning is bound to kick in. So, always remember the order of addition while in the kitchen. 

Ice in Milk 

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While most of us like our milk chilled to the max, the right way to achieve this goal is not by adding ice to it. Whether the weather is hot or cold, this ice eventually melts and releases water. The water dilutes the milk and converts it into a thinned-out, flavorless, white-colored liquid. Our best advice is to have some patience and let the refrigerator do the job.

Oversweetened Coffee

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Coffee is a magnificently bitter beverage and should be allowed to cling to this quality. Those who purposefully get rid of the bitterness betray the coffee and an entire community of coffee lovers. 

Extremely Well Done Steak 

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A steak is a meal of warriors, so if you find yourself effortlessly cutting into it, it’s worth mentioning that you may not be experiencing it to its full potential. A well-done steak is among the least flavourful options available because extended cooking time can suck out the rich flavors. 

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