13 Kitchen Hacks The Pros Swear By

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Many people use shortcuts and clever techniques in all aspects of life, including cooking in the kitchen. Although some may feel that using such hacks makes them look inexperienced, the truth is that even professional chefs use them in their personal and work lives. Here are 13 cooking tips you may find helpful.

1. Freshen Stale Crisps

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At one time or another, we have all accidentally left a packet of chips out in the open. Unfortunately, they become stale really fast. Ainsley Harriot gave us the perfect solution to this problem. He advised to place the chips into a plate, which should then be popped into the microwave for ten seconds. You can thank us when you’re crunching on them!

2. Roast Chicken Using Mayonnaise 

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Sometimes, after a tiring day, we all wish for a low-effort meal. Preparing the seasonings and then waiting for the flavors to set in seems like a burdensome task. This is when this hack comes into play.

Completely coat the whole chicken using mayonnaise and place it in the oven to be baked. Since this condiment consists mostly of fats, it will allow the chicken to be cooked terrifically, and you will be left with a deliciously tender chicken on the inside and a crispy, crunchy heaven on the outside.

3. Soy Sauce in Unexpected Places 

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This hack is a must-try. Some chefs claim that soy sauce is not only meant to be consumed with Asian Food. The condiment can be added to scrambled eggs once they are completely cooked. It can also give an even, enhanced flavor and smell to caramelized onions. 

4. How To Save Cream or Chocolate if It Curdles? 

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This one is dedicated to the pastry chefs out there. While heating cream, sauces, or even melted chocolate and ganache, chefs sometimes tend to get too excited in the kitchen and increase the heat. As a result, the product may curdle. 

Chef Garnaschelli has introduced the world to a perfect solution. Don’t add more sauce to the already damaged one; add a few spoonfuls of warm water and then stir. This will act as the perfect quick fix. 

5. Separating the Egg Yolk 

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For the bakers out there, this might just be the ultimate hack. Several recipes, including those for preparing cakes, require the yolk to be separated from the egg. For a beginner, this is a rather complicated task (speaking from experience). 

However, with a little determination, most problems are resolvable. After cracking an egg into a bowl, rub some garlic onto the tips of your index finger and thumb, and then lift off the yolk and place it into a separate bowl. 

6. An Alternative for Buttermilk 

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If you’re preparing a dish (e.g., pancakes, waffles, biscuits) that needs buttermilk and mid-cooking, you realize that you have run out of this ingredient; worry not! According to Chef Neha Deepak Shah, add a little lemon juice or white vinegar to regular milk and very conveniently make use of that. Neither you nor others would be able to tell the difference. 

7. Controlling the Flavor Intensity of Garlic 

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Garlic gives a terribly strong flavor, and while some people love that, others would like it to be milder. This is definitely in your hands. If you want an extremely evident flavor, add garlic to your dish early during cooking. But, if you prefer a lighter flavor, add the cloves during the last preparation phase.  

8. The Best Pancake Hack 

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Did you ever make pancakes that you hoped would be fluffy but were a little too dry? Here are some tips to make sure you avoid this. Firstly, create separate mixtures for the dry and the wet ingredients. Then, add the dry ingredients to the wet ones in increments and mix each part separately. Secondly, never beat the mixture too fast. Instead, move the whisk in a clockwise direction slowly and patiently till a smooth mixture is obtained. 

9. Making Fluffy Omelets

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After pancakes, the next breakfast item on the agenda to be improved is omelets – the best of which are fluffy and light. To obtain this result, Anahita Dhondy advises that once the eggs are properly whisked, add a little water to them. This would ensure your omelet comes out perfectly.

10. Keeping Baked Goods Fresh in Storage 

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Several times, when we have a craving for baked items, we end up baking a large quantity. To preserve their freshness in storage, always keep these in an air-tight container with a slice of white bread. The moisture in the bread will keep those cookies soft and scrumptious.

11. Improved Airfryer Results 

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Air frying has gained massive popularity due to its health benefits. It helps in weight loss, and as it produces cholesterol-free food, it is also the healthier option. However, food cooked in the air fryer is not as greasy and brown and may not satisfy the cravings. To obtain such results, you have to spritz the food items with some cooking oil before popping them in.

12. Creamier Mashed Potatoes 

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Potatoes are loved by anyone and everyone in one form or another. If your favorite form of eating this beloved vegetable is mashed potatoes, take advantage of this shortcut. To make these nice and creamy, boil the potatoes whole with the peel still on. Once it has cooked in the water for a substantial amount of time, remove the peel and prepare it as per your regular recipe. 

13. When in Doubt, Add Eggs

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Eggs pair nicely with any dish belonging to any cuisine. Want to level up your regular ramen noodles? Add these! They provide more protein and a luxurious thickness to your meals, making you crave more. From chicken roasts to spicy curries, eggs are your go-to addition.

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