Bored with Water? 14 Refreshing Alternatives to Sip On

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Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining good health. However, drinking plain water can become monotonous. While water is the best way to stay hydrated, other delicious options are available to keep it interesting. Here is a list of 14 tasty drinks to choose from.

Fruit Juice

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When choosing fruit juices, it’s a good idea to look for options with lower sugar content or those labeled “100% juice.” These juices are made entirely from fruits without added sugars or artificial ingredients.

Iced Tea

Glasses of iced tea on a wood board. There's striped straws sticking out of them and lemon slices in them.
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Iced tea is a cooling and flavorful drink, perfect for quenching your thirst on hot days. You can enjoy it plain, with a squeeze of lemon, a mint sprig, or a sweetener to suit your taste.

Green Smoothie

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Choose a green smoothie with water-rich fruits and vegetables, a great way to get some extra hydration and nourishment in your body. Just blend some tasty fruits and veggies, and you’re ready!

Mineral Water

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Mineral water is a natural drink rich in minerals, sourced from underground springs. It’s a refreshing way to stay hydrated while enjoying the natural goodness of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Coconut Water

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Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside young green coconuts. It is known as “nature’s sports drink” because it contains electrolytes such as potassium and sodium, which help with hydration and rehydration after exercise.


Jars and a glass of homemade kombucha.
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Kombucha is a beverage containing probiotics, good bacteria that can promote gut health. It comes in different flavors, such as fruity or spicy, and it is a delicious alternative to sugary sodas or other sweet drinks and rich in probiotics.


A white cup of hot coffee with steam rising from it.  coffee beans all around the cup.
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Some people can’t function without their morning coffee. The caffeine gives a little boost to start the day. You can make it taste just as you like it by adding cream or sugar. And if you’re sensitive to caffeine, decaf is always an option.

Hot Herbal Tea

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Hot herbal teas are warm and soothing drinks made by steeping dried herbs, flowers, or plant leaves in hot water. They come in a variety of flavors, such as chamomile, mint, or ginger, and are often caffeine-free.

Vegetable Juice

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Vegetable juice is a drink made by squeezing the liquid from vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, and celery. It’s a nutritious choice because it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. People like it for its fresh and sometimes savory taste.

Infused Water

Three clear glasses of Infused water. They all have straws in them and are filled with fruit.
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Infused water with fruits is a refreshing and flavorful drink that adds slices of fruits like lemons, strawberries, or cucumbers to plain water. It’s a healthy and delicious way to give your water a natural, fruity twist without adding sugars or artificial flavors.

Green Tea

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Green tea can be enjoyed either hot or iced, depending on your preference and the weather. When served hot, it has a soothing and earthy flavor. When iced, it becomes a refreshing and cool beverage, often with a slightly milder taste. Green tea is known for its potential health benefits and antioxidant properties.


A Clear glass with lemonade and lemons in it and a striped straw sticking out of it.  The background is yellow. There are lemons around it.
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Lemonade is a sweet and tangy beverage made by mixing lemon juice, water, and a sweetener of your choice. It’s a popular choice on hot days to quench your thirst.


A clear glass of water with orange electrolyte powder pouring into it.
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Electrolyte powder is a convenient way to maintain hydration and restore essential minerals like potassium, sodium, and magnesium that your body may lose through exercise or excessive sweating.

Almond Milk

A clear glass with almond milk in it sitting on a wooden board. Almonds are scattered around the glass.
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Almond milk is an excellent substitute for dairy milk if you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or want to cut down on dairy. It’s made from almonds and water and has a nutty taste and creamy texture.

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