Why Can’t Chicken Be Medium Rare? 13 Other Interesting Food Facts You Must Know

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Do you consider yourself a food outlander and aren’t afraid of taking risks with your food? It is still always good to know where to draw the line. Even if you prefer a juicy rare steak, here is why some say chicken can’t be medium rare, and 13 other exciting food facts you must know.

1. Why Can’t Chicken Be Medium Rare?

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Even though a medium-rare beef cut is a part of the food gospel, the chicken can’t be consumed at any temperature other than well done according to food safety guidelines.

Chicken is at a high risk of bacterial contamination, which can lead to you getting food poisoning, but some say that not eating chicken raw is more of a cultural and political thing, so feel free to throw caution to the wind.

2. What in the Krabby Patty!?

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Are you a big fan of hamburgers? You may not want to eat your favorite meal after learning this fact. This is your warning to look away. 

A single fast-food burger can have meat from over 100 different cows! So, in every bite, you are tasting 100 cows, which sounds like a crazy fact, but these burgers are made from a collection of muscle tissues.

3. Why Are Christmas-Themed Drinks So Addictive?

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All your spiced drinks have a pinch of nutmeg, a soothing, mind-altering, hallucinogenic natural spice. However, it only acts like a hallucinogen when consumed in large quantities due to a natural compound called myristicin. So, if you’re thinking of putting your feet up for some me-time, these spiced drinks will be your cozy companions.

4. Car Wax as Candy Polisher?

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Your favorite Halloween treats may be car wax flavored, so eat them cautiously. If you are a fan of fruit-flavored candies and their funky colors attract you, you won’t be happy to find out that these candies get their shine from car wax! While carnauba wax might not be toxic to consume this way, thinking about it still gives me the ick!

5. What’s the Secret Behind Red Skittles? Literal Beetle Juice!

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Even if you liked the movie, you wouldn’t be pleased to learn this. Here is another disturbing fact about fruit-colored candy that made my stomach turn. The food coloring for the red Skittles is made from boiled beetles! YUCK!

6. Which Vegetables Mislead You?

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Peppers are my favorite vegetable. The sensation of your mouth being on fire and breathing out the heat makes you feel like a dragon. However, peppers can’t actually burn your mouth. Capsaicin in peppers tricks your mouth into feeling like it’s on fire, so the pain from spicy food is all in your head!

7. Missing Cheese? Blame It on the Rats!

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Cheese may be the most well-loved food around the world, and there is only one statistic that is needed to prove that. Cheese is the most stolen food item in the world. Around 4% of all cheese produced ends up getting stolen!

8. What’s Causing Hazelnut Shortage?

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Everyone’s favorite breakfast spread, Nutella, is so popular that 25% of the hazelnuts are used to keep up with its production. To deal with the shortage of hazelnuts, some universities are trying to make a GMO hazelnut crop just to keep up with its demand.

9. A Loophole in Froot Loops?

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This fact may rob you of your childhood. If Froot Loops were your favorite cereal, you would be disappointed that you were lied to. All Froot Loops taste the same! The color only acts as a dye and makes them more visually appealing.

10. Which Fish Can Kill You?

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Pufferfish is a delicacy in Japan, but not everyone can cook it. If you are a chef in Japan who wants to serve Pufferfish, you first need to train for two years to serve this dish because if prepared incorrectly, it can kill a person.

11. Are Lima Beans Dangerous?

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Eating sweet baby lima beans in your mouth can be tempting while prepping them, but it is better to avoid this as Laima beans are deadly. This vegetable contains a lethal amount of Cyanide and must be thoroughly cooked before consumption. 

12. Why Shouldn’t You Order Popcorn in South Africa?

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Your favorite low-calorie movie snack isn’t something you should be ordering in South Africa. “Popcorn” is a local delicacy in South Africa that is roasted crispy ants and termites, so unless you have a particular revenge fantasy against ants, it’s better to stick with chips.

13. What’s a Quick Solution for Bad Breath?

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Instead of spending a fortune on fancy mints to get rid of bad breath, try coffee. Chewing on coffee beans kills the bacteria in your mouth and makes you smell much more pleasant than sharp mints. Drinking coffee works, too!

14. Are You Putting Bee Vomit in Your Food?

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Honey is technically bee vomit if you look into the mechanism for its production. When bees collect nectar, they store it in their stomach and throw it back into their hive. If you’re taken aback by this information, this might be a good time to switch to artificial honey and save the bees!


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