10 Fast Food Keto Hacks: Sonic, Five Guys and More!

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Here are 10 keto-friendly fast food options from popular chains like Sonic and Five Guys. These tips will help you maintain a low-carb lifestyle while enjoying your favorite fast food options.


Sonic bunless bacon cheeseburger in a styrofoam container.
Credit: Natasha.

At Sonic, you can order their burgers without buns and their Coney hotdogs without a bun. Additionally, they offer a variety of sugar-free drinks and flavors.

Jersey Mikes

Jersey Mikes Sub in a tub. Meat and cheese.
Credit: Natasha.

At Jersey Mike’s, you can order any sub sandwich as a “sub in a tub” and customize it with unlimited toppings and dressings.

Five Guys

Five guys burger bowl with jalapenos onions, pickles and lettuce.
Credit: Natasha.

At Five Guys, you can order burgers, lettuce wrapped or in a bowl. The burger bowl allows you to add as many toppings as you like and eat it like a salad.


A breakfast bowl from Chick-fil-a, sausage, bacon and scrambled eggs.
Credit: Natasha.

If you’re near Chick-fil-A during breakfast, try ordering their breakfast bowl without potatoes for a keto-friendly option.

Jimmy John’s

Jimmy Johns Unwich. with pickles and kickin ranch.
Credit: Natasha.

Jimmy John’s offers Unwiches, which are sandwiches wrapped in lettuce. Any sandwich on the menu can be ordered this way. They also have a popular condiment, Kickin’ Ranch.

Marco’s Pizza

Marcos pizza bowl with a side salad.
Credit: Natasha.

Marco’s Pizza menu offers Pizza Bowls, a low-carb alternative to traditional pizza, customizable with various toppings, along with a variety of salad options.


Subway Protein bowl with meats, lettuce and cheese.
Credit: Natasha.

Subway offers a protein bowl menu that allows customers to turn any sandwich into a bowl. Double meat is also an option.


Wendys Baconator, no bun, lettuce wrapped.
Credit: Natasha.

You can order any burger or sandwich without a bun at Wendy’s. The Baconator is a popular choice, and they also offer a delicious side salad.


Smash burger bowl, no bun with veggies and lettuce, a side of fried Brussels sprouts with a side of ranch dressing for dipping.
Credit: Natasha.

Smashburger offers a low-carb option where burgers are served in a bowl, and they also have fried Brussels sprouts as a side dish.

Cicis Pizza

Cici's pizza bowl. A bowl with baked pizza toppings.
Credit: Natasha.

Cici’s Pizza is not considered fast food, but it is worth mentioning that they offer customized pizza bowls with your favorite toppings at their buffet, which you can also order to-go.

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Chipotle restaurant sign.
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Starbucks sign hanging from building
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waitress talking to a man and woman.
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Sonic sign.

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The sign on the out side of the building at Buc-ee's.
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