19 Budget-Friendly HomeGoods Finds We Adore

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HomeGoods is the perfect store for decorating your home with affordable style. They offer an excellent selection of beautiful furniture, trendy office decor, closet organization solutions, and awesome pet accessories that can help you upgrade your living space without spending a fortune. Check out our 19 affordable selections at HomeGoods!

Blankets & Throws

A store isle filled with blankets on hangers.
Credit: Natasha.

Blankets and throws at HomeGoods offer a cozy embrace for those chilly nights, adding warmth and style to your living space. Choose from a delightful array of textures, colors, and patterns to enhance your home’s comfort and aesthetics effortlessly.

Closet Organization

A store isle filled with hangers and organizational bins for sale.
Credit: Natasha.

HomeGoods offers many closet organization solutions to help you declutter and streamline your wardrobe. From quality hangers that keep your clothes in shape to organizational bins that tidy up your shelves, these items make maintaining a tidy and efficient closet space easy.


A store isle filled with pots and pans.
Credit: Natasha.

Upgrade your kitchen game with HomeGoods’ impressive selection of cookware, including pots and pans. You’ll find several high-end brands at significantly lower prices, making it easy to equip your kitchen with top-quality essentials.


An Isle filled with candles at Homegoods
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Transform your space with affordable candles from HomeGoods. Choose from a wide selection of brands and scents without overspending.


An isle filled with snacks at Homegoods
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HomeGoods provides a range of inexpensive and distinctive snacks, such as popcorn, chips, nuts, and chocolate.

Seasonal Decor

Seasonal isle at homegoods.
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HomeGoods is a popular destination for those who love seasonal décor, particularly Halloween and Christmas. They offer an expanding collection of seasonal products.

Office Decor

Office supplies isle at homegoods.
Credit: Natasha.

HomeGoods offers a wide range of affordable decor and supplies to enhance your home office space. You can find some beautiful and functional items to elevate your workspace.


Dishes isle at homegoods.
Credit: Natasha.

HomeGoods offers a wide selection of dishware, from everyday use to elegant bone china for special occasions.

Table Linens

Table linens isle at homegoods
Credit: Natasha.

Discover stylish table linens at HomeGoods, including napkins, tablecloths, and runners, to take your dining experience to the next level.

Coffee & Tea

Coffee and teas isle at homegoods.
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HomeGoods has an exceptional selection of coffee and tea, featuring unique blends and brands not commonly found elsewhere.

Kitchen Gadgets

kitchen gadgets at homegoods.
Credit: Natasha.

At HomeGoods, you can browse a range of kitchen gadgets, from graters and mortar and pestles to salad spinners, at budget-friendly prices.

Pet Supplies

Pet bed isle at homegoods.
Credit: Natasha.

Discover a wide range of pet supplies at HomeGoods, from pet beds and toys to stylish food bowls and more, all offered at prices that typically beat those at pet stores.

Artificial Plants

Artificial plants isle at homegoods.
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Spruce up your living space with HomeGoods’ range of artificial plants and flower arrangements. These lifelike decor pieces can add a touch of greenery to your home and are perfect for those who don’t have a green thumb.


lighting at homegoods.
Credit: Natasha.

HomeGoods has many beautiful lighting options, including desk and floor lamps, perfect for every room in your home.

Framed Art

framed art isle at homegoods.
Credit: Natasha.

HomeGoods offers a variety of framed art to decorate your walls with style and personality. You can find perfect pieces that match your decor and budget.


Bedding isle at homegoods.
Credit: Natasha.

Explore HomeGoods’ premium bedding collection featuring high-end brands, lavish comforters, sheets with high thread counts, and cozy blankets.

Bathroom Decor

shower curtains isle at homegoods.
Credit: Natasha.

Revamp your bathroom with HomeGoods’ selection of decor and accessories, including shower curtains and more. Spruce up your space with stylish options.


Furniture section at homegoods.
Credit: Natasha.

HomeGoods offers a variety of discount-priced furniture, including chairs, sofas, end tables, and area rugs, to help you furnish your space with style.

Coffee Mugs

Mugs and coffee cups at homegoods.
Credit: Natasha.

Coffee mugs are a hot item at HomeGoods, with options ranging from trendy to quirky. Find the perfect mug to suit your morning coffee style.

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