15 Dollar Tree Kitchen Gadgets Worth the Buck

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Stocking a kitchen can be expensive, but Dollar Tree offers many affordable kitchen utensils and tools. They have an entire wall dedicated to kitchen items, all priced at $1.25 each. Although the store used to have everything priced at $1 (hence the name Dollar Tree), that is a topic for another day! If you’re searching for affordable kitchen tools, check out these 15 gadgets at Dollar Tree!

Citrus Press

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A citrus Press easily extracts fresh juice from lemons and limes without waste.

Splatter Screen

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Minimize mess in the kitchen by using a splatter screen when frying to contain grease and cooking splatters.

Pot Holders

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The quality of these pot holders and dish drying mats for $1.25 cannot be beaten.

Yogurt Cups

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Conveniently store and transport yogurt or repurpose these cups for salads on the go.

Storage Containers

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Keep your leftovers fresh and organized with a variety of plastic storage containers.

Sink Strainer

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Sink strainers don’t last long and get dirty quickly. Keeping an inexpensive one on hand as a backup is a good idea.

Cake Decorating Kit

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Budget-friendly cake decorating kit to achieve professional-looking designs.

Hand Towels

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Decorative hand towels and pot holders with fun quotes on them.


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Equip your kitchen with a selection of affordable knives in a variety of sizes.

Serving Pieces

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For entertaining, keeping extra serving spoons, ladles, and slotted spoons on hand is helpful. At $1.25 each, this is a great way to stock up!

Measuring Tools

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These budget-friendly kitchen measuring cups and spoons are perfect for stocking a new kitchen or complementing extras you may already have.


Credit: Natasha.

Spatulas are versatile kitchen tools that you can never have too many of.


Credit: Natasha.

Many households struggle with missing spoons, and these inexpensive flatware sets are an excellent way to stock up on extra utensils.

Condiment Bottles

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Easily dispense and store condiments like mustard, ketchup and dressings, or get creative and use these condiment bottles for making funnel cakes.


Credit: Natasha.

Tongs are a helpful kitchen gadget, perfect for flipping hot items on the grill, tossing salads, and serving food.

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  1. You forgot the hamburger smasher/chopper. It’s 4 plastic sides and long handle will mince hamburger, potatoes, sausage just about any quickly. Best $1.25 I’ve ever spent!

    1. 100% agree!!! Fantastic tool. Very sturdy. Holds up to heat during cooking and heat from the dishwasher as well. Shreds all(properly cooked)instant pot meat like a champ!!! Worth EVERY penny. Stock up. You won’t regret it.🙂

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