10 Ingredients That Absolutely Ruin a Recipe

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Everyone has their taste preferences, and there are certain ingredients that some people don’t like. However, a few ingredients are commonly disliked due to their unpleasant taste or texture. Based on a survey, here are the top 10 ingredients that can ruin a dish.

1. Truffle Oil

Truffle mushroom oil on wooden background. Gourmet food.
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Despite what many mediocre restaurants believe, dousing something with truffle oil does not magically make it taste good or feel fancy. Did you know most truffle oils do not contain any truffles at all? They’re just olive oil with a chemical designed to taste like truffles. Truffle oil makes everything taste like feet and costs $5 extra, so it’s safe to say it ruins many dishes.

2. Horseradish

Grated horseradish with parsley on wooden table.
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Horseradish has a very distinct flavor and feeling. Unlike the heat from peppers, which comes from capsaicin, the heat in horseradish comes from isothiocyanate, so it’s a completely different kind of spicy. While some adore this fiery flavor that can make your nose burn and eyes water, others find it detestable, and even a speck can destroy the flavor profile of a dish.

3. Raw Onion

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Onions are one of the most beloved and widely used ingredients, but raw onions have a proper place and time. Whether red, yellow, or white, raw onion is unbelievably pungent and sharp. A few slices on a deli sandwich can be lovely, but some people are very sensitive to the harshness of raw onions, stating it taints everything it touches.

4. Ginger

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Ginger is another ingredient that can be sneakily spicy! It contains gingerol, a unique compound that creates a biting, spicy flavor. This interesting ingredient finds its way into everything from sushi to pumpkin pie, but it’s not loved by everyone. For those who don’t enjoy the pungency, even a small slice of ginger or reserved teaspoon can make a dish inedible.

5. Celery

Sliced fresh celery or Celery stalk on cutting wooden board
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Unlike most of the hated ingredients on this list, celery is mostly despised for its texture and only somewhat for its taste. The fibrous and weak texture is somehow crunchy and stringy at the same time, creating an unpleasant mouthfeel. And those who hate the taste claim that even a small amount of celery turns the whole dish into a celery flavor-fest.

6. Blue Cheese

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Blue cheese is just one of those food items that isn’t for everyone. Like many unorthodox ingredients, it’s a deeply acquired taste, and if you haven’t acquired it, it’ll destroy the dish. The flavor is undeniably funky and is nearly impossible to disguise in a dish. So, even a small chunk of blue cheese will take over the meal.

7. Raisins

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What was once a kindergarten snack has now become one of the most hated food items. Interestingly, many people who despise raisins adore grapes, as the flavors and textures are drastically different. The raisin haters kindly request that you exclude raisins as a “surprise” ingredient, as they should only appear in clearly labeled items, like oatmeal raisin cookies.

8. Ketchup

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Ketchup is another ingredient that kids usually adore, but adults are more hesitant about. Even if you love tomatoes, ketchup can be overwhelmingly acidic, salty, and sugary. This aggressive condiment takes over every dish it’s added to and can simply never be subtle, making it a common meal wrecker.

9. Coffee

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Coffee fanatics can go a little overboard, adding coffee to anything and everything they can. However, like ketchup, coffee can be overwhelming and dominant, masking all the other flavors of a dish. It’s definitely one of the more experimental ingredients on the list, but you should probably use it with caution.

10. Cilantro

bunch of fresh Cilantro, coriander seeds, on a dark wooden table, close-up, top view, no people. food and drink,
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It sometimes seems like every other person hates cilantro with a raging passion, but roughly only 4-21% of people contain the gene mutation that makes cilantro taste like soap. Nevertheless, these people are adamant about their disgust for cilantro; even a subtle sprinkling can make a dish inedible.

Source: Reddit.

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