Don’t Settle for Bland Coffee: 7 Best Keto Coffee Creamers

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Looking for a way to enhance your coffee while staying on track with your low-carb lifestyle? Check out these 7 top-rated keto coffee creamers to add some flavor to your morning brew. Say goodbye to bland coffee and hello to a delicious and satisfying cup of joe.


a variety of nutpod creamer flavors in the store cooler section.
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Nutpods is a popular brand of dairy-free and plant-based coffee creamers known for their creamy texture and comes in a large variety of flavors. They contain no added sugars or artificial ingredients.

Zero Sugar Coffee Creamer

Bottles of zero sugar coffee creamer on grocery shelf.
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Coffee Mate makes low-carb coffee creamers that come in several delicious flavors. Although they contain some ingredients that may not be preferable to some, they remain a popular sugar-free choice.

Heavy Cream

A battery operated frother and a cup of coffee, and a cup of frothed milk.
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Customize your coffee with sugar-free syrup flavors to suit your taste. Heavy cream is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make delicious lattes with an inexpensive hand frother. Enjoy your low-carb latte made just the way you like it!

Half and Half

A steamy hot cup of coffee with half and half pouring into it.
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Half and half is a great low-carb option for those who enjoy a creamy coffee. It adds a rich and smooth texture to your morning brew without the added sugar and carbs found in other creamers. It has fewer calories than heavy cream.


Collagen containers on a grocery shelf.
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By adding collagen to coffee, you can enjoy its health benefits and creamy texture while keeping carbs low. It comes in a variety of flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate.

Coconut Milk

A whole coconut cut in half and a white cup of coffee beside it.
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Coconut milk without added sugar is a low-carb and dairy-free option, offering a creamy texture and a subtle coconut taste that some coffee lovers appreciate.

Almond Milk

Boxes of unsweetened almond milk on a store shelf.
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Unsweetened almond milk has very few carbs and calories. It is available in different flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate, and can be a great coffee creamer option. However, it may not froth as well as some other choices.

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