10 Home Decor Items That Exude Luxury for Less

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For those who enjoy decorating, here is a list of the top 10 affordable decor pieces that give your home a luxurious and unique look. These items are inexpensive and can help you enhance the appearance of your space without blowing your budget. Also, when trends change or you grow tired of them, you won’t have spent much on them.

1. Tall Glass Jars With Cork Tops

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These transparent jars can be bought in a set and come in different shapes and sizes. They not only add a clean look to your counter but also help you store your daily use items like coffee, pasta, and snacks on hand. The inexpensive cork adds an elegant finish to the look of the jar and makes your kitchen come alive.

2. Floating Shelves

A modern kitchen and countertop with floating shelves.
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Do you have an empty wall space that brings down the vibe of the entire room? Add floating shelves! This inexpensive and easy-to-install item becomes a focal point in any room and attracts attention. It is an accessible item to make your kitchen or any room look luxurious and more put-together.

3. Entryway Organizer

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It helps you keep your entrance area neat and tidy. It has convenient spots for your mail and keys, so your foyer doesn’t look messy. As you return home, it adds an extra touch of tranquility to the experience, making the space all the more inviting.

4. Sofa Table

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Cheap and practical! This chic decor piece takes minimal room because of its skinny design. This table can be placed against a wall as a statement piece filled with decorative items or behind your sofa so items like your remote control are easily reachable. 

5. Full-Length Mirror

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Do you have a smaller space you wish to make bigger? This may just be the perfect item for you. A floor-length mirror provides the illusion of a larger area, and can easily be added to any corner of the house. It can also serve as a valuable place to take Instagram-able mirror selfies in front of.

6. Artificial Floral Arrangement

A woman decorating the table with flowers.
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Artificial plants and floral arrangements are the perfect companions for your vase. Unlike fresh flowers, artificial flowers don’t go bad and need to be thrown out. This decor is also practical for people who love plants but can’t keep them alive, as artificial flowers don’t require any maintenance.

7. Woven Serving Tray

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This unique item is an excellent conversation starter. You can use a woven bamboo serving tray for multiple purposes, from serving your guests their drinks to being used as a decor piece holding your favorite candles.

8. Magazine Rack

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A high end looking magazine rack is the perfect item to place in the area next to your couch. Not only does it look nice, it provides a convenient spot to set down your morning coffee and relish your magazines, eliminating the need to juggle multiple items.

9. Coasters

Marble drink coasters.
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Pick an elegant coaster design to keep on your table. This cheap daily-use product can play an essential role in complementing the vibe of your coffee table and giving your drink an aesthetic picturesque bottom!

10. Magnetic Strip

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Do you have a small kitchen that needs organizing? If you do, you might find magnetic organization strips useful. These strips can easily stick to the side of your fridge, providing a beautiful display for your knives. Doing so lets you keep your knives up and out of the way yet still handy to reach for ease of use.

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