10 Dollar Tree Keto Finds That Won’t Break the Bank

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If you are looking for low-carb and keto-friendly foods, Dollar Tree might not be your first choice. However, a few items are worth considering, particularly if you want to save cash during these tough economic times. Although Dollar Tree might not carry all the items you need for a low-carb diet, it’s worth a visit. Here are our top 10 picks!

Almond Milk

Boxes of unsweetened almond milk on a store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Don’t overlook the convenience of shelf-stable boxed unsweetened almond milk. Whether using it in your morning coffee or as a base for a low-carb smoothie.

Chicken Broth

Boxes of organic chicken broth on a store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Organic chicken broth is a great low-carb find at Dollar Tree for $1.25. This versatile ingredient is perfect for low-carb soups and casseroles.

Green Beans

Several cans of green beans on a store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Canned green beans are a popular low-carb and keto vegetable. You can stock up on them for $1.25 per can at Dollar Tree.


Jars of pickles on a store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Dollar Tree has several jarred foods, from pickles to asparagus and olives. They are an excellent buy for $1.25 each.


Cans of chicken on a store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Canned chicken is an excellent ingredient for making low-carb meals. You can use it in many dishes, like soups, casseroles, and dips.

Pork Rinds

Bags of pork rinds on a store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Pork rinds are a popular snack for those on a low-carb diet. Dollar Tree sells them in plain and BBQ flavors for $1.25 each.


Packets of tuna on a store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Dollar Tree has a wide selection of flavors to choose from. Look out for added sugars and carbs that might not align with your goals.

Lunch Meat

Packages of lunchmeat and cheese in cooler at store.
Credit: Natasha.

Dollar Tree has a small section of deli meat and cheese. Pair them with some pork rinds for an on-the-go lunch option.


Packages of pepperoni on a store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Pepperoni slices are protein-packed, making them a tasty and easy low-carb snack or pizza or salad topping.


Bags of whole salted peanuts on a store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Protein-rich peanuts are a terrific budget-friendly, low-carb snack option at Dollar Tree.


Shelf of many bottles of spices.
Credit: Natasha.

Dollar Tree offers a wide range of affordable spices that can be used individually or blended to make sugar-free spice mixtures for various dishes.


Bags of sugar free chocolate and caramel candy hanging from a hook on store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Sugar-free candies at Dollar Tree are a great low-carb find. However, people with stomach sensitivities to maltitol should be cautious as it can cause digestive issues in some.

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