10 Fantastic Store-Bought Keto Treats

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If you’re looking for delicious keto and low-carb desserts to purchase online or at your local store, then you’re in luck! You no longer have to make everything from scratch as more keto options are now available. We’ve compiled a list of 10 delicious treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your carbs low.

Ice Cream

Enlighten ice cream in the freezer case of grocery store.
Credit: Natasha.

Nowadays, there are many brands that provide low-carb ice cream in a variety of flavors. The majority of these ice creams are sweetened with erythritol and contain no sugar.

Chocolate Bars

Lily's candy bars on grocery shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

People on keto and low-carb lifestyles often enjoy chocolate bars that are 80% or darker. Several companies now make candy bars with similar tastes and flavors as regular sugary ones.


Packages of low carb cookies on store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Low-carb cookies can be found in most larger stores these days. Highkey mini chocolate chip cookies are similar to the popular Famous Amous chocolate chip cookies.

Protein Bars

Boxes of Protein bars on store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Many brands have improved protein bar taste without strange aftertaste. They’re a great low-carb high-protein sweet treat.

Peanut Butter Cups

Sugar free candy on grocery store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

If you miss Reese’s Cups, you’re in luck! Many Brands now make tasty low-carb peanut butter cups.


Low Carb Cereal boxes on store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Some people grew up snacking on cereal, but now there are plenty of low-carb options that can be enjoyed with unsweetened almond milk for a less sugary treat.

Ice Cream Cones

Low carb ice cream cones on store shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

You need cones to go with your low-carb ice cream! Luckily Enlightened makes a sugar-free ice cream cone that has only 3 net carbs!

Chocolate Chips

Packages of no sugar-added chocolate chips on grocery shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Chocolate chips are versatile and can be added to many baking recipes. They also taste delicious on their own and are enjoyed by all!


Credit: Natasha.

Everything bagel seasoned cashews are a delicious low-carb, high-protein snack. However, cashews and nuts can be easy to overeat, so be mindful of portion sizes.

Protein Shakes

Protein Shakes on grocery shelf.
Credit: Natasha.

Protein shakes are a popular sweet treat option with low-carb and high protein content, available in various flavors.

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